The American Inns of Court

After earning his law degree from the Law Center at the University of Southern California, Christian E. Markey III has practiced law for more than three decades, developing a valuable foundation in family law and other areas. He opened his Beverly Hills office in 2009 and also serves Of Counsel for the firm of Hersh Mannis & Bogen, LLP. Christian E. Markey III belongs to several professional organizations, including the Beverly Hills Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association, and the Southern California Family Law Inn of Court.

Integral to the justice system in England and Wales, the Inns of Court are professional associations for barristers. They are called “Inns” because when they originated in the 1300s, they were buildings near the courts where these lawyers maintained their offices, lodged, ate their meals, and trained prospective barristers. Today’s remaining four Inns of Court are located near the Royal Courts of Justice in London, and although they’re no longer responsible for educating barristers, they’re laid out like college campuses, with offices, libraries, and gardens, as well as dining areas and great halls.

In the late 1970s, senior members of the American judicial system, including Warren Burger, who was then the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, explored the concept of professional associations that bridge the gap between the formal law as taught in law schools and the reality of the law as it’s actually practiced. They designed a system they called the American Inns of Court, which meet regularly, giving members the opportunity to network, discuss the day’s major issues and controversies, and share advice and experience.

American Inns of Court are established geographically. Membership is open to law students, practicing attorneys, law school professors, and judges, who are placed in one of four membership categories based on their experience. Members are divided into pupillage teams comprised of members from each of the four categories. Each team conducts a program for the entire Inn annually. The system gives members with less legal experience the opportunity to work closely with their more-experienced colleagues. The collegial nature of the Inns is an asset to the Bar and Bench members who strive to improve the quality of their practice of law.


The Challenged Athletes Foundation, Project N.Ex.T.

An attorney with more than 30 years of experience, Christian Markey practices family law with The Law Offices of Christian E. Markey III in Beverly Hills, California. Since 1998, Christian Markey has been active with the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

For nearly 20 years, the Challenged Athletes Foundation has served as an important resource for persons with physical challenges who are interested in participating in sports and physical activity. It began with the quest of a single athlete with a disability to compete in a triathlon. Today, this group aids people across the country and remains dedicated to showing that its members operate at the same level as able-bodied athletes. Participation leads to independence and greater self-esteem.

One of the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s newest endeavors is Project N.Ex.T (New Expectations Today). This initiative sets up mentor/mentee relationships between individuals with similar physical disabilities and backgrounds throughout San Diego County. The program is free and accepts mentees of age eight and over. During the year-long commitment, program participants get one-on-one guidance from a mentor who teaches them about living with the condition and how to be physically active; both also receive access to the Challenge Athletes Foundation’s extensive network of community support and sports equipment. To learn more about Project N.Ex.T. or any of CAF’s array of programs, log onto

Types of Child Custody in California

A California-based family law attorney, Christian Markey currently has his own family law firm and is also Of Counsel with Hersh, Mannis & Bogen LLP in Beverly Hills. Possessing three decades of legal and trial experience, Christian Markey works with clients throughout the entire legal process, from intake to post-judgment relief. He handles all aspects of family law, including child custody, child and spousal support and property division cases.

There are two main types of custody – legal and physical. Legal custody gives a parent, or parents, the right to make decisions regarding a child’s education, welfare, and health. This includes everything from religious activities and sports to travel and mental health counseling. Legal custody also allows the custodial parent to make decisions about where the child lives and goes to school. Physical custody refers to who the child lives with and for what portion of each week the child lives with each parent.

For both physical and legal custody, there can be either sole custody or joint custody. Sole custody grants the associated rights to only one parent. This often happens when the other parent is deemed unfit to care for the child. When sole physical custody is granted to one parent, the child primarily lives with that custodial parent, and will have occasional visits with the noncustodial parent. Joint physical custody awards both parents a significant amount of time that their child lives with them. However, it does not mean that the child spends exactly half the time with each parent. In terms of legal custody, joint legal custody is typically preferred, because it gives both parents the right to co-parent and to be a part of any decisions made for the child.

Tips for Approaching Prenuptial Agreements

Attorney Christian Markey practices family law in Beverly Hills, California. Christian Markey works on prenuptial agreements as well as all other areas of family law including dissolutions/divorce, child custody, spousal and child support and property division.

Before getting married, a couple may make an agreement regarding their finances in the event that they separate and divorce. Discussing a prenuptial agreement with a partner is important, but it can also be difficult. There are a number of ways to make the process easier.

One entails handling the prenuptial agreement far in advance of the wedding. This gives each party plenty of time to review and revise the terms of the agreement, and makes it more likely to be enforceable down the road. In addition, both parties should set aside their emotions during this process. The parties’ goal should be to create an agreement that is enforceable, fair and reasonable.

Once each party has a clear picture of the other’s finances (assets and debts), they can enter the marriage relationship with a full understanding of their joint financial situation.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation and Its Programs


Challenged Athletes Foundationpic

Challenged Athletes Foundation

Christian E. Markey III is a family law attorney who represents clients in a variety of family and domestic legal disputes at his Beverly Hills, California-based practice. A philanthropist, Christian E. Markey III also supports many charitable organizations, including the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). Christian also competed and volunteered in CAF’s San Diego Triathlon Challenge (a half-Ironman distance event) for many years.

CAF was established in 1994 to help people with physical challenges participate in physical fitness and competitive sports. CAF aims to significantly impact the lives of the challenged athletes it serves and led a movement to help change the world’s perception of individuals with physical challenges. CAF offers a variety of programs designed to facilitate those goals.

CAF’s Access for Athletes grant program provides funding for challenged athletes to obtain the equipment, coaching, and training they need to excel. The program has distributed 2,448 grants in 97 sports since it was established. CAF’s Operation Rebound is a similar grant program that empowers physically challenged U.S. veterans and first responders to reintegrate into their communities by participating in sports and fitness activities.

CAF also holds year-round Rising Star camps and clinics for individuals who have a disease that causes physical impairment, who have experienced a traumatic injury, or who were born with an impairment that caused a physical disability. The camps are free to the athletes and their families and provide coaching and support to help them achieve their physical fitness goals.

To help change perceptions of physically challenged athletes, CAF established its Reach High Community and Education program. This program oversees community outreach events to provide key information to the public. CAF also highlights its athletes and their achievements with pictures and profiles on its website.

To learn more about CAF and the athletes it supports, visit

BHBA Names Entertainment Lawyer of the Year

Beverly Hills Bar Association pic

Beverly Hills Bar Association

With more than three decades of experience practicing law sector, Christian E. Markey III, serves as Of Counsel with Hersh Mannis, LLP, in Beverly Hills, California, and also has his own private practice, the Law Offices of Christian E. Markey III. Active in his local legal community, Christian E. Markey III, is a member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association and the Los Angeles County and American Bar Associations.

Earlier this year, the Beverly Hills Bar Association named Harold A. Brown its Entertainment Lawyer of the Year for 2017 during its awards dinner, which was hosted by comedian and television personality Craig Ferguson. The award has been given for nearly 30 years by the BHBA to prominent figures in entertainment law who have made a major impact on the profession throughout their careers.

Brown is a partner with Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown, Inc., and is renowned as one of the premiere entertainment attorneys in the United States. Some of his major clients include Steven Spielberg, Dwayne Johnson, Heidi Klum, and Stephen King.

Four Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Denmark

Nyhavn, Copenhagen pic

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Founder of the California law practice that bears his name, Christian E. Markey III has over 30 years of experience as a legal counsel and trial attorney. When not dedicating time to his practice, Christian E. Markey III enjoys traveling to international destinations, including the small but culturally rich country of Denmark. For tourists, here are four places to visit with something for everyone.

1. Nyhavn, Copenhagen. For those who enjoy lounging in small cafes and simply strolling along canals, this city is known for its multicolored houses, charming restaurants, and harbor cruises. It’s also very close to Amalienborg Castle, the Danish royal’s winter home.

2. Kronborg Slot, Helsingør. This castle is best known as the inspiration for the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. With the current structure dating back to 1640, history buffs will appreciate the architecture and striking Renaissance interior.

3. Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense. This is the place to experience Andersen’s stories and tales firsthand, with many of his mementos, sketches and artwork on display. The museum itself dates back to 1908, and is set in a picturesque corner of the country.

4. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen. The original inspiration behind Walt Disney theme parks, this amusement park, originating in 1843, offers roller coasters, food pavilions, puppet theaters and much more, making it the perfect place for families.